DCNA Membership Elects New Officers

In December 2014, DCNA members voted on all vacant offices and elected LaKisha Little as DCNA President.  Ignacia Joyner won as Secretary and Sandra Falwell, Shirley Jackson, Laverne Plater,  Margaret Shanks and Arrie Striggles were all elected as At Large Board of Directors.  DCNA is conducting a run-off election for the final At-Large seat between Deborah Anderson Truesdale and  Gregory Wilson, who tied in the December election. 

They join current Board members Agnes Addington (Treasurer) and Mary Jones Bryant (At Large) to comprise the Board.  On January 13, 2015, the newly elected Board leadership appointed Ms. Robin Burns to carry out the remainder of the term of Vice President, vacated by Ms. Little. 

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The District of Columbia Nurses Association (DCNA) is the professional organization for registered nurses who live and/or work in the District. DCNA is affiliated with National Nurses United, American Federation of Labor - Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) and the Washington Metropolitan Council.

DCNA negotiates contracts that make sure nurses’ pay is competitive and commensurate with experience, years of service, responsibility, autonomy, and education. DCNA contracts provide guaranteed benefits, equitable policies, fair representation, job security, and practical solutions to everyday workplace problems affecting the professional lives of nurses.

DCNA encourages its members to get involved in leadership roles at the local and national level. Within the DCNA framework, nurses gain experience as volunteer lobbyists, media spokespersons, union advocates, and community activists.

Click here to view the January 2015 DCNA Newsletter.  For previous editions of the Newsletter, click here. 

DCNA is located at:
5100 Wisconsin Avenue, NW
Suite 306
Washington DC 20016
Telephone: 202.244.2705
Fax: 202.362.8285
email: info@dcna.org

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