Department of Behavioral Health

Tinuola Shkunbi

Vice President
Susan Nelson

Nancy Pearsall

Chief Shop Steward
Alfreda Bazemore 

 Shop Stewards

Deborah Anderson

Laverne Platter

Jimmy Bello

Ijeoma Onwukwe

Gregory Wilson

Julie Akpama

Veronica Gray

Sian Raynor

Malcolm Cook, Nurse Practitioner

Aisha Ellis, Nurse Practitioner

Perina Gaines - CPEP

Cynthia Edwards – 35 K Street


When hand delivering a grievance, be sure to make a copy after the management official signs to acknowledge receipt. In computing time limits, the date the answer is received in the preceding step shall be counted. The time for filing the initial grievance starts when the grievant knew or should have known that a violation occurred.

To file a Grievance, contact one of the Shop Stewards listed above.

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